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Whether you have a small business or are part of a large organisation, you can start creating films with Clipsk today! Buy the Clipsk app at the App Store or order our business package here. What’s the difference? With the business package, we customise the app by incorporating your graphic profile, so you always communicate using the right font, colours, and logos.

Business package with graphic profile

Order today – produce professional films tomorrow (at the latest)

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What happens once you’ve placed the order?


When purchasing our packages the following is included1 Clipsk user license
Clipsk Studio - cloudbased administrator tool

Clipsk Business Basic1 user licence + Clipsk Studio
SEK 7500/yr

Clipsk Business PlusContact us for more info

Additional user licence SEK 1295/user and year

Private individuals/small companies

Clipsk works just as well if you don’t need your own colours and fonts. Smaller companies, influencers, and private individuals can download Clipsk directly from the App Store for SEK 39/month or SEK 199 for lifetime subscription.

Clipsk – not just an app

You can control which graphics are available in Clipsk via our easy-to-use administration tool, which communicates with the Clipsk app on your mobile phone. You can add fonts, colours, and graphic elements, such as logos, name tags, thread icons, and much more besides, via the tool, and the next time you open the app on your mobile, simply update it and you’ll have access to all of your changes.