Five functions + the right graphic profile – nothing more, nothing less

Write and insert text into mobile films

The text tool gives you access to several different fonts in both bold and italic. You can also change the colour of the text and the background field. You can either type directly into the tool, or cut and paste text, e.g. if you have a name that’s difficult to spell, or a proofread text that you want to add quickly to a film.

Subtitles for increased accessibility

Subtitling your mobile films is quick and easy – simply type or speak in the text using iPhone’s Siri. There are two different subtitle styles: a classic look, or white text in a slightly taller, denser font. You can choose whether to embed the subtitle in the film or to have it as a separate SRT file, which means the viewer can choose whether to see the subtitles.

Insert images into your film

Simply retrieve any stills, logos, thread icons, etc., that you want to use in your film from your phone’s picture archive. The elements can be creatively and attractively incorporated into your film, using professional animations. Clipsk supports jpg and png formats.

Arrows, speech bubbles, and pie charts

Clipsk has a nice little library of graphic elements that are perfect for reinforcing your film’s message and content. The library includes upward and downward curves, frameworks, stars, and much more besides. Choose your colour and add animations that make the end-product both creative and professional.

Hide mistakes or enhance visibility

Blurring all or part of the image allows you to conceal details or people. Blurring can also be used to make text stand out even more clearly. Clipsk makes it easy to adjust the size and density of the blurring and then position it over the people or items you want to conceal.

Your graphic profile – always available

The Clipsk business package includes a folder where you can store your graphic profile. This means that you – and everyone in the organisation that uses Clipsk – has access at all times to logos, thread icons, and other graphic elements, via their mobile. You can customise the contents of the folder with the help of Clipsk’s easy-to-use online Administration tool.