About Clipsk

Helena Brunkman and Mats Strömqvist have dedicated their entire working lives to moving images – from TV news journalism and entertainment, via live streaming and film production for social media, to their current dedicated focus on developing the simplest film of all – the mobile film.

Helena Brunkman | +46 70 488 86 44 | helena@clipsk.app
Mats Strömqvist | +46 70 494 47 22 | mats@rallarsving.com

Film editing’s technical accessories have developed at a blistering pace over the years. But there has never been a simple way of adding advanced graphics to mobile films. The need for this was something we were made aware of, time and time again, during our mobile film production courses for communicators and journalists. And it was our awareness of that need that was the starting point for Clipsk.

We began developing a simple graphics app with the aid of government funding. There was a huge interest in our project from day 1 and many organisations got involved – organisations such as the Swedish Association of Communication Professionals, the Swedish Transport Administration, Chalmers University of Technology, Östgöta Media AB, Alten AB, and the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication at the University of Gothenburg. The company behind Clipsk is called Rallarsving Kommunikation AB, who are based in Gothenburg.

We identified the five most sought-after functions for the app that would become Clipsk during workshops with hundreds of communicators. One desire that was strongly expressed was that the app be both simple and fun to use. Since those workshops, we have not only created the original app, we have successfully updated and adjusted it. The journey now continues, with more development and more improvements. We do hope you’ll come with us for the ride!