Professional films with your mobile

The app for easy, fast, and efficient creation of professional video – without complicated software. For iPhone/iPad.

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Get professional results with easy-to-use graphics features.

Your Brand

Upload your company's graphic profile etc. in the app.


Add subtitles by typing, or speak to Siri.


Create and place text elements on your mobile video.


Choose from many shapes, arrows and speech bubbles in Clipsk's archive.


Add blur to details or people you want to hide.

Video Editing (New!)

Edit video quickly and easily in the app.


Cut video clips and create cut-outs.


Add a cutaway using video, image or color plate.


Use images and graphics from your image gallery in JPG or PNG.

Color Plate

Use color plates to e.g. highlight text.


Add music to your video.


Record a speaker or add a voiceover to increase accessibility.

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Customer stories

We use Clipsk

Almost 300 government organisations, universities, regional councils, municipalities, companies, organisations, associations, and many others besides, work with Clipsk on a daily basis. Here are just some of them:

National Board of Health & Welfare

Stockholm Regional Council

Hudiksvall Municipality

Church of Sweden

City of Gothenburg

Länsförsäkringar (insurance company)

Health & Social Care Inspectorate

Borlänge Municipality

Chalmers University of Technology

Stena Property

Gotland Regional Council

Västarvet (Västra Götaland Regional Council Cultural Development Programme)


Folkuniversitetet (adult educational association)

The Swedish Federation of Business Owners

Ale Municipality

Norrenergi (heating company)

Stockholm University

Uppsala Municipality

Swedish Enforcement Authority

Clipsk is a globally unique graphics app

Clipsk – is a complete editing tool! Clipsk is currently available for IOS – simply download it from the App Store – to add professional graphics to mobile films after you have cut your movies/still images, directly in the app. With Clipsk, people such as communicators, journalists, information officers, motivators, influencers, marketing personnel, or people working in the hospitality sector, can produce professional films using nothing more than their mobile phone. Clipsk also makes it easy to comply with the Web Accessibility Directive – the new EU law that requires all videos in the public sector to be subtitled. And it makes making films fun, too!